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Food First tells us about “Cycling Veg” – Organic Fruit & Veggies Delivered by Bike

A good friend of Cloud 9 Cycles runs an awesome site called Food First which gives great advice about nutrition, food and general wellbeing.

They recently posted the below article on their blog which combines bikes and veg…so we had to repost 🙂

Every now and then you come across a business that you really really want to do well, because you think itssuch a fantastic idea… and that’s exactly how I felt when I first found Cycling Veg.

Discovered whilst trawling through Twitter, it was seeing the words cycling and veg in the same sentence that initially caught my attention… quite simply because someone had combined 2 of my favourite things, and I wanted to know more! And when I clicked through and read further, I was even more excited… fruit &vegetable boxes delivered across London by bike, what a brilliant idea! (I also e-mailed my friend Adam who runs his owncycle business, and demanded to know why our combined food/bike brains hadn’t thought of doing this ourselves!)

Cycling Veg– London’s first organic fruit & vegetable box scheme delivered by bicycle, was set up last November by Simone; a Sustainable Development graduate and self-confessed foodie. His inspiration? A love and appreciation for fresh produce, but a frustration at the amount of air/lorry/van miles used by his current vegetable box provider to get it from field to fork.

Cycling Veg began as a pilot project delivering amongst Simone’s local community. The response was extremely positive, and through word-of-mouth and a bit of flyering, interest in the project soon grew, as did the area in which Simone cycled! Cycling Veg now has 4 “cycling veggers” pedaling fruit and veggies across London, with the number of regular clients growing every week.

All the fruit & vegetables are organic, seasonal and locally sourced from farms as close as possible to London, some even within London from community farms. Cycling Veg operates from a central hub in the New Covent Garden Fruit & Vegetable Market, and each “cycling vegger” is responsible for their own area of London- not just delivering the produce, but promoting the scheme to their local community. Simone wants “each customer to feel as though their neighbour is delivering to them ” and offers great flexibility to his customers with regards to delivery times and frequency. You can have boxes delivered weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or even just as a one-off. Simone also encourages his “cycling veggers” to really take ownership of their delivery areas- getting to know their clients and communicating back their feedback so that the service can continually be improved.

Cycling Veg offers Ready Mix crates: fruit only, vegetables only, or a mixture, which all come in a variety of sizes. What’s really fantastic is that they also offer Custom Crates, where as a customer you can pick and mix exactly what you want. It’s a lack of control over what produce you’re getting that I know puts a lot of people off fruit & vegetable boxes (not everyone knows what to do with a kohlrabi for example!) But with Cycling Veg if you just want broccoli, apples and kale…that’s exactly what you can get (as long as it’s in season of course!). Having received deliveries several times myself, I can vouch for how incredible the produce is too. You certainly won’t be rushing back to Tescos, that’s for sure!

If you’d like to try out the Cycling Veg for yourselves, Simone has kindly offered a 20% discount off a first order to all our followers. You just need to add the voucher code “foodfirst” at the checkout.

For more information go to http://www.cyclingveg.com or Tweet Simone at @CyclingVeg

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