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The invisible revolution in cycling safety (you won’t believe your eyes)!

What if we said we had a cycling helmet that was not only three times safer than its closest competitors, but actually looked cool too?

 Safety on the bike is one of the most important things about cycling, but for many wearing a helmet is a big downside to life on two wheels. Whether you think theyre dorky looking, uncomfortable or just plain unnecessary there are plenty of reasons you might think of not to wear one.

 Thankfully now our friends at Hovding have come up with a stylish solution an invisible helmet that works kind of like a cars airbag which also just happens to be the worlds safest helmet. Thats right, we said it, the worlds safest cycling helmet.

 This may be sounding familiar to you so far, the Hovding design made a huge splash when it launched in 2012, but for those that think weve gone a little bit crazy, heres a video introducing and explaining the helmet.

 So how does this incredible gizmo work? Well, like we said, the Hovding is less a helmet in the traditional sense and more of an airbag for your head. You wear it as a collar and it inflates when sensors detect any sharp increases in velocity or drastic changes in body angle. Dont worry though, its smart enough to know the difference between crashes and normal cycling, so youll still be able to chase down your buddies or attack a particular Strava segment without it going off!

 Aside from the obvious benefits there are a couple of other great reasons why you should treat yourself to a bit of ultimate cycling safety.

 Firstly, Cloud 9 Cycles are one of the countrys leading suppliers of Hovding products weve had a keen interest in the brand since it launched in 2011 and have been seeking them online and in-store for a while now.

 Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, right now we have an amazing, exclusive 30% off Hovdings in store and online (effectively reducing the price by more than £70). This is the cheapest theyll ever be and were the only ones with this offer so dont miss out.

 Our stocks are strictly limited, so click here to order yours now, or drop into our shop at 38 Store Street and try one on.


Images courtesy of Hovding

  • Charlie Woodall

    Are these things reusable or is it game over once you’ve used it once?

  • Charlie Woodall

    Are these things reusable or is it game over once you’ve used it once?

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