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It’s time to go tubeless!

 Stan's NoTubes are one of our preferred tubeless brands.  Instagram .

Stan’s NoTubes are one of our preferred tubeless brands. Instagram .

Tubeless tyres are the bomb. Believe!

While traditionally you’ve had two main choices of tyre for your road bike (tubular or clincher), tubeless tyres/wheels are starting to make big inroads (pardon the pun) onto the scene. 

Still, there’s a lot of scepticism about tubeless tyres, and many people still have questions. We’ve put together a handy FAQ, to demystify tubeless tyres and help put some of the myths surrounding them to bed.

What even is a tubeless tyre?

A tubeless tyre on a bike is very similar to a car tyre – it has a single solid rubber outer which creates an airtight seal with the rim. The air that holds up the tyre simply stays in the cavity between, with no need for an inner tube. Hence, ‘tubeless’. 

And why should I switch?

Well for a start, tubeless tyres are great of puncture reduction. They are filled with a sealant that, when the outer surface of the tyre gets ripped or pierced, will move to the ‘leak’ and reseal. That’s right – they’re self-fixing!

So no more changing flats, shivering on the roadside?

Not only that, but, as long as you do some basic upkeep by making sure there’s enough sealant in the tyre, your wheels will carry on being self-fixing for years. We’ve heard of people going five years without a flat.

But aren’t they complicated and fiddly to set up?

Well, honestly, yes they are a bit. But that’s why you’ve got us! We can install tubeless tyres to your current bike, or if you’re considering building a custom bike with us, we can also add tubeless to the package.

Any other benefits I should know about?

Well there’s the fact that you can run tubeless wheels at lower pressure and they also tend to be a bit lighter. The former is a benefit that really only applies when you’re riding MTB on extremely bumpy terrain when you need that bit of extra cushioning in the impact, but the weight saving in the wheels, and the associated increase in speed is going to be noticeable almost immediately.

What tubeless brands does Cloud 9 use?

We’re a big believer in Stan’s NoTubes, and we use their conversion kits and rims. We also build tubeless wheels with Enve rims and often use Schwalbe tyres. We use these brands because they’re the best in the market, but if you have a fixed idea of the makers you want on your bike we are happy to build with other brands too though – it’s your bike!

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