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What’s your New Year’s revolution?

The start of a New Year is a fantastic time to make a few changes in your life. Whether it’s deciding to drop a couple of extra pounds that you’ve been carrying since gorging yourself on Quality Street over Christmas or trying to get back to peak fitness – now is as good a time as any to do something different.

In the past our New Year’s resolutions have always ended up broken by mid-way through February, but this year we’re determined it WILL be different. That’s why we’re switching things up and doing New Year’s reVolutions, not reSolutions. That means focusing on cycling only, and no more caving in at the first sign of peer pressure, or sacking off a ride with friends because the forecast looks less than favourable! 

Here are a few different revolutions you might want to try, as well as our advice for how to make them a success. 

Upgrade your gear

Sometimes we need a little push to invest in new bike stuff, especially if it’s a step up from what you’re used to riding with. Handbuilt wheels, custom frames and carbon fibre componentry don’t come cheap, but when you pay a bit extra you’ll find the riding experience is so much better – not to mention that it’ll last wayyy longer and could end up saving you money on replacement parts.

So this New Year, choose to treat yourself with a new set of wheels, an upgraded drivetrain (like the gorgeous Campag Chrous one in the picture above), or maybe just a flashier choice in bar tape. The rewards will be many and you’ll get to enjoy improved performance all year long.

Ride a 40/80/100-miler

Whether you’ve only dipped your toe into long-distance expeditions, or you’re a seasoned rider looking for a new challenge, setting yourself a new ‘longest ever distance’ target to beat in 2016 is a brilliant way to get and stay motivated. 

And imagine the satisfaction after some hard work in the early season when you finally cross the finish line, able to say you just rode further than you ever have before.

The only downside with this one is there’s always another distance. Just done 50 miles? Next time do 75. Just done 100 miles? Ever heard of a double century?

Get back on the bike

From being involved in a bad traffic accident, to recently having had a baby, to going backpacking round Asia for eight months – as far as reasons for not having ridden a bike in a while, we’ve heard them all!

But we’re here to tell you that NOW is the time to get back in the saddle, start turning those pedals and rediscover the joys of life on two wheels. Remember when you used to commute to work by bike, and now you spend an hour and a half on the sweaty tube everyday? Which did you prefer? Exactly. 

That’s what friends are for

There are few better things in this life than riding bikes with your good friends, so perhaps this year you should start recruiting some new cyclists into this amazing sub-culture of ours. 

They might need a little bit of persuading to begin with – but once you’ve got ’em hooked that’s another riding buddy you’ll be able to call on yourself!

Reach your peak!

When was the last time you were in really good shape? As in absolute ‘top of your game’-type shape? For us it was about four years ago. Or maybe it was five…

Well friends, this is the year we get back to being those peak physical specimens* that we once were. It all starts with getting back on the bike and putting in some major miles in the early season, so you’re poised and ready to get your best results ever all year long.

Imagine checking Strava and finding you’ve beaten an old time you set three years ago. Or absolutely blowing away your usual riding buddies on a particularly tough climb! 

* this may be a slight exaggeration

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