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Dear Santa… the Cloud 9 Christmas list

Stuck for what to buy the cyclist in your life this Christmas? Fear not, we’ve got a whole bunch of top tips on what to buy, from simple stocking fillers, to some stuff that’ll truly blow them away and secure your position as the ultimate gift-giver.

First up is this rather ballsy way of making sure you’re seen out at night on the roads. 

The Bike Balls rear bike light is designed to look, you guessed it, exactly like a pair of ‘nads. After successfully campaigning on Kickstarter, you may have seen the product featured on the Daily Mail (they were outraged, no shocks there) and the Metro.

Just £16.99 and 100% guaranteed to raise a smile with even the most strait-laced riders.

Of course, if you’re looking for something a little more, shall we say, ‘practical’, then you could do much, much worse than this beautifully styled Lumo riding jacket, the Regents Parka

 Lumo Regents Parka. £399.

Lumo Regents Parka. £399.

Blending performance fabrics with looks inspired by the classic British mod look – this is an absolute must-buy for any cycling style-hunters. It’s available online in both men’s and women’s sizes, alongside its companion the Herne Hill Harrington jacket.

For those looking to get the most out of their riding, a bike fit session can be a way of really amping up your performance. Not only that but it’s also great for reducing injuries.

We do regular bike fit sessions in our shop on Store Street in London (pictured above), so if you or someone you know is looking to hit the next level in terms of performance or rid themselves of those troublesome back and knee twinges then book them into a bike fit session with us. We have dates available in January and February, but we can also create a voucher for you that can be used at a later date.

.A big favourite with bike messengers, Bagaboo make unbeatable quality bike bags for carting stuff with you all over town. The brand was founded in Budapest by a former courier, who continues to draw on his experience to produce some of the very best bike kit around.

Bagaboo bags are tough, durable and they look good too – designed to be worn with you on all your daily cycle trips, whether you’re a messenger or a ‘civilian’.

For any cyclist worth their salt, a handbuilt, custom bike is at the very, very top of their wishlist. Going custom means a bike that’ll fit you perfectly, that will last for years over an off-the-peg model, and allows you to choose every single element of the design – it’s the chance to build your dream bike. 

 Awesome red Mixte custom build. £849.

Awesome red Mixte custom build. £849.

Give someone (or even yourself, you deserve it) the ultimate gift this year and go for a custom Cloud 9 Cycles bike. You can check out the section of our shop devoted to custom builds, or read this post from our blog to fire your imagination.

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