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Seven reasons you need at least one more cycling cap

Call us old fashioned but we cant think of anything more suave than a classic cycling cap (or casquetteto give them their French name) for wearing on or off the bike. Just ask Jacques Anquetil and his buddies on the Bic team of the 1960s.

Dont take Jacquesword for it though, the Cannibalwill tell you the same thing.

And it wasn’t just the continental racers, check out the iconic British Holdsworth Campagnolo team, great caps and a matching car to go with.

To be honest with all this proud history, we dont like seeing modern pros wearing*shudder* baseball caps when they take to the podium at the end of a race or stage. Fortunately theres still a few guys in the peloton representing, like Ian Yogi BearStannard who won the Omloop Het Nieuwsbladd AGAIN at the end of last month.

Or this guy, not sure what his name is though

Its not all about team caps either, nowadays were blessed with more exciting designs and brands than you can shake a tyre lever at. The incomparable Italian brand Cinelli has an amazing selection of bright and brilliant caps perfect for commuting and messenger wear. Try this brightly coloured beauty on for size!

 Cinelli Cycling Cap

Cinelli Cycling Cap

Or theres premium part-maker Chris King, we like this limited edition turquoise one.

Whatever your personal style theres a casquette to fit, we stock a huge range of Cinelli, Bianchi, Chris King, Peugeot and Raleigh in our shop at 38 Store Street, so pop down and have a peruse!

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