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Howard’s Build

 Howard with his new Wittson!

Howard with his new Wittson!

Building a custom bike isn’t just buying separate components and assembling them onto a frame.  It is the art of tailoring each component’s selection to the specific needs of each customer, informing them of all available options and their differences and guiding them to the final choice, all while remaining in their budget.

Howard’s build started when he came into the store looking for a winter frame to swap his current components onto. We started to discuss his requirements and showed him his options. After a few minutes it was clear that this wasn’t going to be a long-term solution and was just a stop gap measure. Howard wanted good disc brakes for winter stopping but was trying to avoid the extra outlay of new brakes and wheels just to make this change.

 The Wittson Headbadge, simple yet elegant.

The Wittson Headbadge, simple yet elegant.

After looking at the Lynskey frames and testing a couple of bikes Howard knew titanium was a the only option for him, as were disc brakes, but he wasn’t sure which size would be best.  

So a bike fit was the next step in the process. 

The bike fit with Tony Corke consisted of fitting Howard to our adjustable jig and creating his optimum position –  then transferring this onto a suitable frame. 

 Howards Bike Fit designed by Tony

Howards Bike Fit designed by Tony

After the fitting session Tony uses BikeCAD to create a virtual bike with the correct contact points and measurements.  This is sent to the customer, as shown above, and can be used for new bikes or adjusting the position of anything currently in the customers fleet.

It was at this point that Howard decided that the Lynskey was not the best option for him and took the upgrade to a handbuilt custom Wittson Titanium frame. 

This gave Howard the freedom to sit down with Tony and consider all the minute details of the frame to make the bike exactly what he wanted.

Once all the details were confirmed the dimensions and design was sent off to Wittson for approval and building.  This is the only negative of the custom build process – the waiting, but when you consider a titanium bike is for life, waiting a few months isn’t all that long in reality.

 Whisky Parts No 7 Disc Forks

Whisky Parts No 7 Disc Forks

Once the frame arrived we confirmed the component choice with Howard. It’s only too common that with a wait for the frame options can change and new products can come to market.

Upon arrival of the parts the bike was assembled and test ridden.  It’s at this stage when you take the first pedal stroke that you’ll know if it’s all gone right and this build definitely did!

Finally the reveal! The moment a customer sees their new bike is the reason we love to do custom builds. 

We want every build to exceed the customer’s expectations and this one definitely did. From knowing it felt amazing just up and down the road to hearing it had been ridden solidly through the abysmal Christmas weather without missing a beat.

Another job well done, happy customer with a superb custom build – what more could we want?

 Happy at home on a country lane or riding through the streets of London.

Happy at home on a country lane or riding through the streets of London.

The Specs

Frame: Wittson Titanium frame with integrated seat mast and topper
Forks: Whisky No. 7
Headset: Chris King InSet 7 Black

Finishing Kit: Easton EA70
Saddle: Brooks Cambium C17 Carved

Groupset: Campagnolo Chorus 11
Brakes: TRP Spyre

Hubs: Chris King R45 Disc
Rims: Stans Alpha 400
Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray
Tyres: Schwalbe One  700 x 28c Tubeless

  • Lord Pod

    A stunning machine, howard your a lucky boy. pod

    • Adam Garrett

      Thanks for the compliments Pod.We couldn’t agree more!

  • Luke Kaznowski

    Nice construction.

    Stem not to long? zero seatback and sadle moved forward sa far as possible…

    PS hand made ti frame, campa group, chris king… hmm 2000 GBP minimum


  • Howard

    Thanks Luke, Pod and Cloud 9 – she’s running like a dream!

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