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The story of Walter & Mr Pink!

Walter has been a client of Cloud 9 for since early 2016 and at the end of last summer booked a bike fit with Tony Corke to get properly positioned on his existing road bike.

He was already a keen cyclist but promised that if the fit made a big improvement he would treat himself to a new road bike.  

As always Tony got Walter spot on and a few months later Walter popped back to the shop to discuss his requirements.

For his new steed Walter wanted a comfortable bike that was good for commuting and much longer rides. He would like it made from Steel, have a classic shape, could fit wider tyres, take mudguards and would impress!

Walters body shape was quite unusual as he had much longer legs compared to his torso and so it limited us to a smaller number of frames!

The Search Begins.

Over the next two weeks we exhausted some of the most well known Steel brands out there: Surly, Cinelli, Brother, The Light Blue, Orro, De Rosa etc but no one bike did it all…..until!

All City  

These guys have been big in the USA for some time and are steadily gaining traction in the UK for their awesome framesets!

They describe themselves as: We are a company of riders making products for other riders”

Last year they released the Mr Pink frameset and it was one of these in a 52cm that were were on the hunt for – unfortunately all had been sold and we couldn’t find one anywhere and they had been discontinued for the foreseeable future…ahhh!

 The original Mr Pink Colourway - Pink! The original Mr Pink Colourway – Pink!

A few days after we contacted them we got a call from the UK Rep asking if we would like to be one of the first shops to get the new Mr Pink. The new Pinky was similar to last years but had some significant improvements. These included a custom made Whisky Carbon fork (with mudguard eyelets), clearnence for 32mm tyres and one of the nicest paint jobs we’d ever seen.

 The stunning paint job based on the Motorola USA bike team of the 90's! The stunning paint job based on the Motorola USA bike team of the 90’s!

We called Walter and told him the good news and although we were under strict secrecy not to show any photos we promised he wouldn’t be disappointed.

Fortunately he trusted us and this is what we built for him.

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