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3 reasons we believe you should choose a Hummingbird over a Brompton



To begin I am going to give a quick overview of the Hummingbird bike.

Designed and built in the UK, the Hummingbird is a ultra lightweight carbon fibre bike that can fold up small enough to be taken on public transport or stored inside at home.

The bike was first conceived in 2013 by product designer Peter Craciun who set out to design a bike that could fold simply and ride like a normal bike.

It should also be easy to carry and look great!

In 2015 his idea came to life. Teaming up with Prodrive (the legendary world leading motorsport and advanced technology business) to build the bikes the Hummingbird began to fly!

The Hummingbird’s come as Singlespeeds, 4 speeds and an Electric version – more details here – *link to our selling product page*

Everything about this bike screams premium – from the paintjob to the pedals and below is why we believe it is a better bike than it’s closer competitor, the Brompton.

1) Weight

Bromptons are made of steel and are by their nature heavy beasts – even the Single Speed version that is completely stripped of rack, guards etc weighs in at a hefty 10.5kg!

The Hummingbird on the other has carbon fibre handlebars, forks, frame, seat post and saddle with the rest of the bike being made from premium aluminium. The result is a bike that weighs just 6.9kg!

This weight is insane – it is lighter than many of the Tour De France bikes!

This means that the Hummingbird Bike is truly portable. It can be carried up and down stairs, into flats, onto the tube etc with no trouble.

2) The Fold

Unlike a Brompton where the frame folds in half the Hummingbird frame stays as one piece. This means a stiffer ride with no flex.

The fold happens when the rear wheel pivots under the frame and is locked in place by both the seat post and the handlebars. The pedals can then come off and attach to special places in the rear triangle.

This folded shape is easier to carry than a Brompton and means you don’t continually hit your legs on the pedals!


3) The Components

What we love about the Hummingbird is that they use high quality components – premium wheels, brakes, cables and pedals!

Not only does this allow for a smooth ride but you get a lot of miles of use before they need to be replaced.

As they are not necessarily specific to the Hummingbird they can also be upgraded and / or repaired easily should something go wrong.

This is unlike the Bromptons where many of the parts are specific to the bike and so replacing components can be pricey as well as long lead times!

I hope this goes someway to showing you why we are really impressed with the Hummingbird.

Bromptons have been the dominant force behind folding bikes for the last 30 years – and with good reason.

However it is nice now that a competitor that has come to disrupt the market place – one that rides better, is easier to carry and looks awesome!


Cloud 9 Cycles are the official stockist for Hummingbird bikes in the UK and we have a demo bike ready for anyone to come and try.


If you would like to purchase a Hummingbird bike please click HERE or if you would like some more information please see the CONTACT US page

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