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Bespoked 2016 is coming

If you’ve never been to Bespoked before, let us enlighten you about exactly what it entails. The “UK handmade bicycle show” (to give it its full tagline) is an event designed to celebrate Britain’s frame builders and makers of custom or handbuilt bikes. It’s a great opportunity for members of the public too – especially if you’re interested in having a custom build made – to check out a bunch of different builders and see which is likely to be the best fit for you. 

This video from the 2015 show gives you a great sense of why Bespoked is so special and features a couple of our friends, including the Bicycle Academy and our man Ted James. It also showcases the beautiful venue, Brunel’s Old Station in Bristol, which is one of the most unique places you’ll ever attend a cycling show!

Bespoked 2015 from Bespoked on Vimeo.

The success of getting a custom bike built rests just as much on the builder you choose as it does on the parts you pick. In fact, it’s probably more important because a good builder will be able to steer you (pardon the pun) to the right componentry choices. That’s why meeting face-to-face before embarking on a build project is such a valuable part of the process – you can talk about what you want to get out of a build and ultimately your finished bike will be much the better for it. We’d love to see you at the show for a chat about your dream bike – and how Cloud 9 can make it a reality!

In the past we’ve unveiled new bikes at Bespoked, such as our Cloud 9 Street Racer and we always enjoy the opportunity to show off what we’ve been building – as well as checking out the competition! This year we’re keeping things tightly under wraps until closer to the show, but we can tell you we’ll really be pushing it in terms of producing an array of bikes in different cycling disciplines.

We’ll be at Bespoked for the full show weekend, which runs 15 – 17 April, so please do come and say hi! Get your tickets here.

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