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Bike Fitting – A Brief Explanation




What is bike fitting?

A bike fit is a process whereby the Rider and the Bicycle will work together in perfect harmony to give the most efficient power to speed to comfort ratio.

Depending on what type of riding you will do will vary the fit.

For instance if you are competing in time trials and need the bike to go as fast as possible your fit will be very different if you are to embark on a round the world tour.

Once we have determined the style of riding we will then get you onto our adjustable jig and start the process of fitting.

The fitting process takes around 1.5-2 hours and during that process each part of your body that moves and / or is in contact with the bike will be analysed for comfort and power and adjusted as necessary.

At the end of the process your measurements will be recorded and this can be then manipulated onto your current bike and will allow us to see what bikes will fit you should you be in the process of getting a new one.



Why should I get fitted?

Having a fit is one of the most important parts of cycling.

Unfortunately over the last 50 years frame sizing has been dumbed down to simple sizing from XS-XXL.

This is simply not good enough – it is like buying a medium pair of shoes, or a pair of jeans where you just get the waist length and not the leg length.

I understand that it does allow for companies to sell more bikes, and a human body is flexible enough that it can adapt to ride a bike that is not fitted correctly. However riding a bike like this will cause you short term discomfort and long term problems.

We do understand that at a cost of £199 fitting is not cheap but it is superb value as once you get on the bike that is fitted you will ride further, faster and happier.

Numbness, pain and cramps will be a thing of the past and be replaced with pure joy of the freedom of riding a bike!

To date Cloud 9 Cycles have performed over 500 fittings from commuters, to pro-racers and tourers.

Every one has been different but each has had the same outcome of improved performance.


How do I get fitted?

Getting fitted is easy – just click on the link below and it will show you Tony’s availability over the next few weeks.


Simply pick the one you want and book it.

A week before the fitting we will be in touch with a simple questionnaire.

Anything else?


Here are just a couple of quotes from people we have fitted:

“I cannot believe how much of an improvement the fit has made – I have just taken 45mins off my personal best for the London 100 – unbelievable – please pass on my thanks to Tony once again!” – Jamie T (Road Racing)

“The 3 of us have just finished our ride from Cusco2Cusco on the bikes you built. We just wanted to say a HUGE thanks to the bikes themselves which were flawless and to Tony as we spent loads of time looking at the scenery rather than moaning about our asses!” – Leo (South American Tour)

“This fit has changed my cycling from 1-2 days a week to 7 days a week! I love it and hate to be without my bike – Thank you Tony and C9!” – Monica G (Commuter)


If you have any more questions or would like further information please do not hesitate to CONTACT US HERE

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