Bike Fitting at Cloud 9 Cycles

Cloud 9 Cycles is proud to work with one of the world leaders in Bike Fitting – Tony Corke

Tony has had the privilege to work at a number of prestigious institutions across the world combining all of the techniques into his own style.

Over the last twenty years he has improved the cycling position of thousands of people including Olympic Athletes, Pro Racing Teams and the much humbler Commuters!

Whether you are looking for extra Speed, Power or Comfort a Bike Fit with Tony will change the way you interact with your bicycle.

Each session will last approximately 3 hours and cover each part of your contact points on the bike. At the end of the session you will be provided with a full record of your measurements.

If you would like to find out more about what bike fitting is and what is the process  – HERE  is the blog post we wrote about it.



Details of the different services available are below:

Positional Optimisation
£199/2 hrs
Finding the individually appropriate position for the contact points of your bicycle.
Cleats/shoes/pedals, Saddle, Handlebars. Ending in an easy, natural, stable, planted, comfortable, in control, powerful, efficient cycling position.
For everyone who rides a bike.
Foot Correction
£199/2 hrs *
Finding your happy feet. Where optimum force transfer, comfort and muscular endurance combine to form a sublime platform for your legs to push against.
For anyone looking for free speed and those with unhappy feet. i.e. anyone with at least a modicum of competitive spirit and/or gets numbness, tingling, hotspots, pain in their feet.
(*This service includes industry leading G8 footbed and Bikefit systems wedges)
Asymmetrical Considerations
£199/2 hrs *
To get those last few watts of power or really nail those last niggling issues you have on a bike really means owning up to those physical asymmetries you never knew you had.
This is a little bit body work (Key stretches, self-manipulation, non-invasive manipulation) and a little bicycle fettling (Leg length shims and where needed customised saddles, custom shoes) and includes enough follow up time to see how your wonky body responds to our gentle coercions.
(*includes any leg length shims needed. Does not include custom saddle/shoes)