At Cloud 9 Cycles we know the importance of having the perfect bike.

Although a stock frame can usually get close to what you want when you think about the small features you would like there’s always something missing.

It’s for this reason we offer a choice of custom fabricated frames.

When choosing a custom frame the starting point is frame material.  We are able to offer three choices steel, titanium and carbon.




Steel is one of the most common materials for frames and has been for many years.  Even with it’s age and many new materials now being used from frames steel still has the best ride quality of all of them.  We build our steel frames in the basement of the shop to find out more about this take a look here.  Steel works great in any kind of frame so let us know what you want and we can build it.





Titanium is a great material for building a custom frame.  Titanium has the light weight attributes of aluminium with the comfort and flex of steel giving it the best of both worlds.

If you let us know what you are after we can help you select the best frame builder for your requirements.

Triton Road Jay Frame Cloud9 London (1)




Another option only recently available for custom frames is carbon.

Building a frame from carbon has both similarities and differences to using metal.  Tubes are used on both metal and carbon frames and are selected to give specific characteristics to the ride of the bike, dependent on weight of the rider and where and how the bike will be ridden.

Tubes of carbon are mitred in the same way to fit into a jig but how they are joined is where the difference lies.  Layers of carbon are wrapped around the tube junctions to form the joints of the frame.  But this is where the finesse of the builder comes into play, a great builder is able to tune the bike beyond just the selection of the tubes, something only available with carbon fibre.  By selecting what types of carbon to use, the direction and position of its placement and how many layers are added specific junctions on the bike can be made to be stiffer, for optimum power transfer, or have more flexibility, to give more comfort to the rider.


It is unsurprising that with this type frame building method there is an increase to the cost of a carbon frame.  Custom carbon frames are most suited to road riders and racers who want the best performance available or are currently struggling with stock carbon frames that are too stiff or too flexible dependent on the rider and their style of riding.



Frame Building in Central London


We have the only frame building workshop in Central London, which means you are able to come into our shop and have us complete your entire custom bike, all the way from bike fitting and initial discussion through to hand filing the tubes and then the final assembly of the bike.


Our workshop is equipped with all the tools needed to hand build your perfect frame.  We use a BikeCAD to design your new bike and have a state of the art jig from Academy Tools to get the geometry spot. Tubes are hand filed to get the perfect joint for welding.  The frames are then TIG welded in the room next door.  We are able to fillet braze a frame, however this is done offsite due to safety restrictions.

Once the frame is completed we can have it painted to your exact specifications, whether you want an extra strong single colour finish or you want the paint to be a work of art in its own right.