Cloud 9 Cycles are proud to be the main stockist of Hövding Bicycle Head Protection – The safest cycling helmet ever made!

What is it and how does it work?

The Hövding is a revolutionary system that is worn around the neck and in the event of an accident inflates an airbag to protect your whole head and neck. 


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Once activated the Hövding will stay inflated for approximately 15 seconds to protect you from multiple impacts (something a traditional helmet does not do). 

You can purchase your Hövding by clicking here for £219 including free shipping anywhere in the EU. 

Please note we are only able to ship Hövding to countries within the EU.


What size Hövding do I need?

The Hövding is available in three collar sizes: Small, Medium and Large.

In terms of operation, it makes no difference whether your Hövding is tight or loose around your neck. The collar sizes are adapted to the same head size range: 52-59 cm in circumference so choose the size that feels best.

Small is recommended for neck sizes of less than 36 cm.

Medium is recommended for neck sizes of 34–42 cm.

Large is recommended for neck sizes of 38–45 cm.

Will my Hövding get dirty / smelly?

– No, each Hövding is supplied with a black cover which is made of durable fabric that protects your Hövding against dirt and wear. The cover can be removed, washed and put back with ease.  

Can I used my Hövding again?

– If your Hövding has activated in cannot be used again. However a replacement Hövding can be purchased for £99 as a crash replacement. 

Are they really this good?

– Yes! Check this write up and video from Stanford University if you need any more convincing!