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Lynskey titanium bike frames and Lizard Skin accessories

Titanium bike frames are lightweight, super-strong and they last a lifetime (if you look after them properly) and yet ‘TI’, as it’s often known, is frequently overlooked, in favour of classic steel, cheap aluminium or cool carbon. We wanted to fix that and so we’ve struck up a deal to distribute Lynskey titanium frames and start spreading the word of this marvellous metal to the UK.

Lynskey is a company from the USA – Tennessee to be precise – and they boast more than four decades of experience in bike-building. Titanium is a tricky material to work with and requires meticulous attention to detail – a bad weld can lead to some really spectacular failures – that’s why it’s important to go with an established builder who knows the material. Lynskey only build with titanium and they do it really, really well.

So why choose a titanium bike frame?

First up, a titanium frame is going to last you years. And years. They’re tough and they stay tough, unlike carbon frames which can crack at the slightest provocation, or steel which begins to soften over time.

A titanium bike frame will never be as light as a top-spec carbon equivalent, but it’s still lighter than steel! Enough to get you up and over the biggest Cols for sure.

Finally and perhaps most importantly, lifespan. Buy a titanium frame and you’ll be riding it 40 years later with the same amazing ride quality. This is really what makes it stand out from the other popular frame materials and what has garnered so much industry respect for TI.

So what are you waiting for? We’ll have a range of Lynskey titanium bikes for sale, both road and MTB, so come and check them out in-store soon!

Lizard Skin accessories now available

We’re also stoked to be able to bring you new bar tape and gloves from Lizard Skins, one of the leading names in the world of gripping onto handlebars and pedalling your heart out. The brand recently supported Alex Dowsett in his successful attempt to smash the World Hour Record and supply Andre Greipel and his team with equipment when they compete in Grand Tours. 

La Gran Familia Movistar Team from Lizard Skins on Vimeo.

If road racing’s not your thing, they also make gear for World Champion BMXer Sam Willoughby, MTB prodigy Finn Iles and cyclocross superstar Courtenay McFadden. Whatever your cycling passion, there’s a Lizard Skin product to fit you like a glove.

Slovenian DH Cup: Jure breaks record of Buzet.

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