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Do you cycle to work but struggle to carry your suit in without it being creased up? Or want to bike to a party and keep your dress wrinkle free?

Well worry no more Henty Bags are here!

The Henty Wingman bag was designed by two friends who cycled to Canary Wharf everyday and were constantly criticsed for looking scruffy.

Their solution – Design a messenger bag that can carry your suit, shoes, laptop and other essentials while looking cool and fitting comfortably.

Please watch this video to show you how it all works: Hello

They come in 2 sizes (Large and Compact) and 3 colourways (inside colour), Grey, Green and Blue.

They also fit as hand luggage on planes and so are great for business travelers who want to carry a laptop and suit on the plane 🙂

We have these bags in the shop and at £119.99 are a great buy!

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We have just had a fresh delivery of the awesome Wald Baskets. Wald Baskets are hand made in the US of A to a very high standard and ultra durable, cool and functional for people looking for a basket that is not wicker 😛

The baskets come in a large variety of shapes and sizes and are very reasonably prices between £20 – £50.

We currently have in stock the following models:

  • 257GB
  • 1372GB
  • 1372
  • 1392 silver and black

Please see their site for the details and if there is a basket that you want that we do not have let us know and we can order it in (usually in 2 days).




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The name Otto London may not be so familiar to you…but the chances are you have seen his awesome cycling ponchos being used by cyclists throughout London, the UK and Europe!
These ponchos are incredibly well designed for the urban cyclist as they feature the following:

– Fully waterproof

– Hood large enough to go over helmet

– Double Zips to increase airflow

-Cotton Lining with inner pocket

– Poppers to form temporary sleeves

– Hi-Vis reflective piping

– Straps for holding onto the handlebars (explained below)

– 2 sizes

– 8 awesome colours

The reason these ponchos are so well designed is they are at home off the bike as well as on. They have temporary poppers that you can clip together that form sleeves for when walking around town and not be blown around like a sail.

Then once you are back on the bike simply unpop the poppers and put your hands into the straps and hold onto your bars.

The effect of this is a tent like structure that protects your entire body (from head to toe) from the rain.

No more wet legs, cold hands and soggy shoes.

The 2 sizes keep the fitting process easy and the range of 8 colours (from black to bright pink) mean there is a shade for everyone.

Pop in store to try one of these revolutionary products on and have your daily cycle transformed. 

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