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It’s taken a while, but Britain finally has a carbon bike brand to be proud of. 

We’re super happy to now be stocking Aprire Bicycles, a company based out of Cheam in Surrey. They make carbon frames backed by years of experience in the bike business and a thorough understanding of the super lightweight, racer’s material of choice. The benefits of a carbon fibre frame are not a secret. They’re light and strong and responsive, which is what makes them the choice of the pro teams. What is a bit more shrouded in mystery is how carbon is made. Fortunately we know a man who knows all about it.

Aprire was founded by Phil Dempsey back in 2009 and the company has spent the time since really honing and perfecting the science behind their frames. Using some of the most advanced testing techniques, they’ve refined them to a point where they claim, “It’s probably the most responsive, sensitive and best-handling bike you’ve ever ridden.” 

So they’re pretty confident in their work.

One of the things that makes carbon so tricky to build with with is the lay up process. Carbon gets its strength from the combination of multiple layers, which have to be wrapped together into the desired frame shape. The fibres in carbon fibre are stronger in one direction than they are in another, so the angles at which you layer each piece are really important. This, in a nutshell, is the layup.

Lucky for us – and for you if you’re considering a carbon fibre frame – Phil is an expert in carbon lay ups. He has been working with carbon for several years and is a guy who really knows his stuff. 

Another thing that makes Aprire bikes that little bit more unique is their decision to use factories that have a specialism in working with carbon fibre, as opposed to those that specialise in building bike frames. That means the people making your frame (working from the lay ups created by Phil and his team) are experts in using this type of material – and that’s what you want when you’re working with a material that’s notoriously easy to get wrong.

Don’t hesitate, if you’re after a carbon bike to do some fast-paced miles on in the coming summer then lets get you set up with an Aprire.

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