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We’ve had a couple of fresh products come into the store lately which we’re excited to share with you. They’re both designed to make your day-to-day cycling life that little bit easier.  

The Bikezac: £10-20

The Bikezac is straight outta Copenhagen, so you know the people who made it know about cycling. It’s a crafty piece of kit, a real ‘why didn’t I think of that’ idea – a hassle-free and green solution to one of cycling life’s little annoyances. Check out the video:

You know how it is, you cycle home after a hard day at work, stow the bike in the garage/shed/hallway then head inside, only to realise you’ve got nothing in for dinner. If only you had a way to convey your essential ingredients home on the bike without them getting battered in transit.

Enter the Bikezac, which clips onto your bike’s luggage rack and allows you to pick up the groceries on your way home without dropping all your fresh goodies into musty old pannier bags or putting them in your backpack and potentially smashing them to bits (as well as your spine). 

With a basic option retailing at £10 and a premium at £20 they are exceptional value!

It’s reusable, durable and practical. Genius.

Finn Bike Phone Mount – £11.99

Continuing the Euro theme, the Finn bike mount is made in Austria and is a versatile and lightweight solution for fixing your smartphone onto the bars of your bike, so whether you want to find your way with Google Maps or turn your iPhone into a bike computer with an app like Strava, you can do so without constantly reaching into your pockets.

The Finn’s strongest selling point is that it’ll work with any phone size and fix onto handlebars of any dimension – so you don’t have to buy a new mount when you upgrade your phone (or your bike!).

It’s made of a single piece of silicon that you can easily remove when not in use, so it won’t spoil the sleek profile of your bars and you won’t be faffing about with interlacing rubber bands all the time. Oh and it’ll hold your phone rock steady, even when you’re thrashing around pulling 180s on your BMX, see:

We’ll have the Finn and Bikezac products available online soon, but if you can’t wait then we’ve got them in our shop, 38 Store Street too!

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