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Before conspiracy theorists and people in tinfoil hats start descending on Fitzrovia, we’re not talking about the abominable snowman here, we’re talking about the legendary mountain biking brand from California. We’re delighted to announce we’ll be building with Yeti frames, as well as stocking their full bikes and componentry from March onwards – which is a huge honour and thrill for us as MTB fans.

Yeti is an iconic company that is as old as the sport of MTB itself. It was founded by a dude called John Parker who turned his experience in welding on Hollywood movie sets to producing bikes capable of flying downhill at breakneck speed. When the first ever World Championships were held in Durango, California it became the undisputed centre of the MTB world. So obviously old Johnny boy moved the company head office there to be at the centre of things too.

We’ve been wanting to up our custom MTB-building game for a while and had been looking for the perfect partner brand with which to create really awesome machines. Yeti is exactly what we were looking for – a world-leading, high-end producer of both frames and components – an absolute joy to build with.

Yeti definitely has the pedigree, but it’s also got the tech to compete with (and often beat) any other MTB brand you care to mention. Their latest machines feature Switch Infinity suspension, Yeti’s own patented creation, which uses a multi-directional pivot to make pedalling more efficient and enhance performance, even at the extreme limits of the bike’s travel.  This is cutting-edge, world-leading stuff and has helped Yeti’s team rider, Richie Rude, win an Enduro World Series World Championship. 

Still not feeling it? Watch this incredible video shot in Iceland to see what Yeti is all about. Feat Yeti ambassador, Sam Seward.

We’ll be stocking a range of Yeti gear, so if you’re interested in a high-performin’, run-stormin’ mountain machine get in touch with us – we got the hook-up.

Lead image Yeti

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