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Tag: peter jones

That’s right, this weekend you’ll be able to see some of our custom-built bikes on the hit BBC2 show Dragons’ Den. We’re not asking Peter Jones and his pals for any investment though – although if any of them need a new custom-built frame we can totally help – we’re actually going to be there supporting our friends at Hornit, who are trying to get backing for their ultra-loud bike horn. 

It’s a fantastic product and one we proudly stock in our shop, so we couldn’t be more excited to help them go for the big bucks.

To back up the brand we created a couple of unique bikes, so the Dragons could see what the Hornit looks like and give it a test. More than that we can’t say until the show’s been on, but here’s a sneak peek at a one of our custom-built beauties, specially made for the programme.

To celebrate we’ve got a special discount on Hornit products and we know sales are going to soar once the show airs, so get down to our shop at 38 Store Street in London or visit our online store to grab one before the rush. The horn is specifically designed for cyclists and is ten times louder than a car horn, enabling riders to be heard by motorists, even above the revving of engines.

And don’t forget to tune in or set your Sky+ boxes to record at 9pm, 15th February, BBC2.

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