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How we aim to be the best at servicing your bike!



When I was in my early twenties I heard the expression:

“If you can’t be the cheapest you gotta be the best!”

This really stuck with me, it was so simple yet so true and it was at the heart of our business when we started Cloud 9 Cycles almost a decade ago.

We realised that to be the best we had to invest into our staff and our tools and we are really proud of what we have achieved.

Together our staff have over 40 years experience of building, riding and servicing bikes and our we have spent tens of thousands of pounds ensuring our workshop is state of the art and has the best tools for each job.

From P&K Lie Wheel Truing stand to Di2 Analysis Kits right down to Knippex pliers to make sure that every cable is cut perfectly flat.

As we knew servicing was going to be a major part of our business we deliberately put the workshop upstairs in plain sight of the customers.

This not only gives us great light to work in but allows us to easily show customers what condition their bike is in and what parts may need to be changed.

As you can see from the photos below we are pretty anal about making sure our workshop is kept clean and tidy and every tool is easily accessible!



By checking each part of the service is done properly will ensure that your bike is riding perfectly and get more mileage out of each component (for instance badly set brakes will wear rims/rotors much quicker).

Once serviced we ride each bike to make sure that it works on the road as well as in the stand (our shop is only a 5min ride to Regent Park which is a great testing ground for Road Bikes)!

We have the skills to service all types of bikes and are as confident working on a Track bike as a Mountain Bike.

The way we service bikes is by asking you to drop your bike off for an assessment – this usually takes around 20minutes and does not need to be booked in advance.

During the assessment we will examine your bike and put a quote together listing what your bike requires to get to full working order.

If you are happy with the quote we will then book you a slot to come in and do the work.

This will ensure that you get to ride your bike as much as possible and we have all the parts ready for you at a convenient time.


This way of operating ensures that most bikes can be dropped off, serviced and collected the same day.

We do keep a good stock of components in the shop (Wheels, Tyres, Dura Ace and Ultegra components etc) and if necessary can perform most jobs on the spot.

For Mountain bike Shock and Suspension servicing we are able to do the majority of these in house however if necessary we often collaborate with the guys at Plush.

If you have any questions about our servicing or would like any further information please do not hesitate to CONTACT US
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