At Cloud 9 Cycles we pride ourselves on giving you the best custom build experience possible.  We will help you come out with exactly what you want regardless of their bike experience and knowledge of the process.  How can we say this?  Because it’s what we do.  We specialise in building custom bikes of all types and sizes and have done so since the shop began in this time we have lost count of all the builds we have done.

Below is outline of what we call “The Process”.  We have refined this during all the builds we have done and now know we have perfected it.  Each stage makes sure no detail is forgotten and you leave with the best bike perfectly matched to your requirements.


The Fit

The first stage of all custom builds is the fitting.  We know the importance of having a correctly fitted bike and this is why we would advise doing this with any custom build.  This is a purchase you’ll be riding for a long time to come so it would be irresponsible of us to not make sure it’s the perfect fit.  When was the last time someone had a bespoke suit made for them but didn’t know what size it was going to be?

For more information on bike head to our fitting page for a more in depth understanding of what our fitting process entails.


The Consultation

This is the initial discussion process where we discuss your upcoming build, your requirements for the bike and what it will be used for.  During this we are able to talk you through all the components that are available for your build.  There is so much on offer that it is fundamental to the build that this is done in the shop.

During this time we can explain all the parts needed for a custom build, the different options available to you and what the difference will mean to you as a rider.  During this process we will try to work out the barebones of the bike.  Dependent on the rider this can be as little as just a frame that is selected or as much as the entire bike.  Neither of these are better it just depends on the rider and their decision making process.

At this point it can be useful to let us know if you have a budget for the build.  As a shop we want to build you a great bike, this doesn’t mean it has to cost the earth, and we will strive to provide you the best value build available.  It is important to understand that budgets cannot always be met and we will guide you to the best build closest to your budget.  If we cannot meet your budget we will let you know how to adjust your requirements to meet it.  We will never build a bike with components that are either unreliable or cheap just to meet a price.  This is a false economy and will cost you more in the future.


The Quote

This is where our experience and expertise comes into its own.  We are able to work out from the consultation what will work best for you and your needs.  Then we create a list of the components of needed for your entire build.  We email this to you, for your review.

This part of the process can be iterative with the quote going back and forth till you are happy with everything we have specified.  Once the quote has been finalised and approved by you we will take a deposit and begin ordering all the components for the build.  The ordering process can range from less than a week to 3 months depending on if a custom frame has been chosen or if parts are unavailable at the time of ordering.  We will always keep you informed as to the ETA of any awaiting parts but this is something that is out of our control.


The Assembly

As the parts arrive they are put into a “Build Box” ready for the mechanics.  Once everything has arrived a slot will be booked into the workshop schedule and the bike will be assembled.  We pride ourselves on taking the time to make sure that the assembly process is perfect, starting with frame preparation of the headset and bottom bracket to the final tightening of all the bolts.


The Collection

Once fully assembled we will let you know that your bike is ready for collection.  Before collection we will have adjusted the bike to match your fit but if anything doesn’t feel quite right we can re-adjust it on the spot.  We will run through the build with you explaining any specific aspects to take note of with your build, for example Di2 battery charging or optimum pressures for your tubeless tyres.  We value your custom and want every step of the process to be perfect for you and your needs, so if there is anything else you need we will do it.


The Life of The Bike

Between two and eight weeks after the collection of the bike is the first service where we check over the entire bike as the components will have settled in and we will be able to make any adjustments necessary.

Through out the life of the bike we will always be there to answer any of your questions as well as fulfil your servicing needs or upgrade requirements.  Buying a custom bike is the begin of a relationship and we want your bike to run perfectly for it’s entire life and we will be here to make sure that happens.