Cloud 9 Vacancies:

Before you click on the vacancies at the bottom of this page please have a read of the below to check you want to work with us

What do we want from our team?

To work at Cloud 9 we want you to have a passion for the following:

- Bikes - we don't mind if you are a Roadie, MTB, Fixed Gear or Tourer but we need you to share our love for bikes and all the benefits that come with them!

- Customer Service - this is as important as bikes and we need to make sure that everyone that works here shares the vision to offer the customer the best service. 

- Knowledge - the bike industry seems to almost change daily with new products, standards and features and we need to make sure we know these.

- Teamwork - we are a small team and need to work together to get the job done and so we need people who are happy to help in all aspects from mending punctures to selling!

- Being Organised - we need people who are organised and can help us run smoothly and on time

If you have the above then it sounds like you will be a perfect fit but please read below and see what it is like to work at Cloud 9!

What it's like to work at Cloud 9?

We are a small team who work hard and want to build the greatest bikes possible and to do this we need great people around us!

We like to give autonomy to our employees and are always willing to learn new skills from them in return.

We hope that everyone who works here will help us grow and become better at what we do. 

If this sounds like something you are interested in and would like to come and work with us please send us a message using the form below!

Thanks a lot,

Cloud 9

Current Vacancies:

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Full Time - Shop Manager

Part Time - Data Admin - Details coming soon!