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Bike Fit

Foundation Bike Fitting

"Studio based bike fitting for the triathletes and cyclists of all kinds.

Impartial and dedicated to empowering riders." 


As a custom bike shop, we are especially fortunate to work so closely with such a knowledgeable fitting team.

Although the fitting process is a key component for any custom build, it's also a great option for those looking to improve their experience on an existing bike. Foundation is run by Wei-Ho Ng, an IBFI and Torke certified bike fitter, with over 12 years of bike industry experience. He is also a Level 2 British Triathlon Coach and Urban Hill Climb cargo bike champion!

"A Foundation bike fit is a holistic process to help riders investigate and understand both their own movement patterns and their interaction with their bike. We use the latest bike fit technology, combined with over 15 years of coaching and fitting experience to find the best solutions for each individual rider." - Wei-Ho Ng

Want to know more? Click here to visit Wei's website (including booking page)

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