The best performance upgrade you can get for your bike.
Fit before you buy.


Before you begin any custom bike building journey with us, we will always recommend starting with a professional bike fit. With the care and attention that goes into every custom build, it only makes sense to ensure that your body is also in perfect harmony with what you are riding.

Tony Corke of Torke Cycling is our resident bike fitter, and is one of the best in the global bike fitting industry. So good, that he teaches other aspiring fitters the craft. We are very lucky to have him performing bike fits in-house at our central London shop.

Tony's extensive experience sets him apart. He is Level 4 IBFI Credited and SICI certified, has been International BikeFit Pro Instructor with Paul Swift, and is an expert in custom bicycle design. Bike fitters, physiotherapists, coaches and athletes across the world have been using Torke Cycling methods for more than 5 years to date. 


Riding Pleasure = Good Bikefit


“The experience of riding a custom bike tailored specifically to your body, your riding style and your aesthetic under the keen eye of a professional bike fitter is unmatched by any other... “

We have seen a single bike fit do wonders for serious competitors and weekend riders alike. Whether for an existing bike or for a custom build, a bike fit will have you riding at your perfect level of comfort and optimal power output, whatever the reason you ride a bike.⁣⁣⁣


To book a bike fit with Tony at Cloud 9 Cycles, please click HERE.


Recent customer testimonial:

"Before seeing Tony, I was quite sceptical about receiving a bike fit. I felt it was something only required by professional riders, racers or those with serious physical issues- how wrong I was! Seeing Tony was an eye-opening experience. We talked at length about my hopes and expectations for my cycling. Tony analysed every movement, position and feeling I experienced on the bike, and I really felt time was taken to understand my needs as an individual. After a fascinating few hours, where I discovered a great deal about both my riding technique and my body generally, I left with a personalised bike-fit, which totally transformed my cycling. Gone were the niggles and numb hands I previously thought were normal, and in came more comfortable, more efficient and most importantly, more enjoyable riding. Whether you are a road racer or regular commuter, if you love riding your bike and want to get the most out of your cycling, I can not recommend Tony Corke highly enough."


The most important investment you could put into your bike.



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