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Why get a custom built bike?

In short, bikes are not 'one size fits all' despite the suggestion, 

and we feel that if it's worth doing, it's worth doing well...


Why us? Although small in footprint, we have a well appointed workshop, bringing over ten years of experience in this trade. Trends and fashion aside, our focus remains firmly on quality components and thoughtful design, delivering on what suits you specifically, rather than relying on averages as the mass-market does.

So what defines Custom? A bike designed and built around you and your requirements. For some, this may be a completely custom frame with personalised geometry, or a 'stock' frame covering common sizing. In each case, builds are completed with components unique to them, selected based on the intended use and the preferences of the rider. 

Bike fitting is also a key element in the custom process, noting that bicycles are very much personal items, both from a physiological perspective and a functional one. People often tolerate an inadequate set-up because they haven't had the opportunity to explore alternatives. Fortunately, we have a fully equipped fitting studio on-site which helps to remove the guesswork from a bike's design, establishing what's most important for you beyond the aesthetics. 


​We are here to work with you through the process of imagining, designing and then creating your bike. Whether your aim is to enjoy laps in the park, commute in comfort or get something that's extra special. The team here at Cloud 9 is made up of racers and recreational riders alike, men and women in this business for the love of cycling and getting people on bikes designed with them at the very centre. Get in touch to discuss the options.

Quirk Build-12.jpg
Custom Steel Bicycle Frame Cloud 9 Cycles

"You can't be 'sold' a custom bike, because they don't exist in advance of your ideas. They are designed and built around your own wants and needs, whatever they may be. The 'selling' is all done in your own time, from the comfort of your own imagination."

"We source frames and components from an array of builders and manufacturers, both from the UK and abroad. Some names you'll know, and others you might not, yet..."

Luca and Alex were really helpful, they presented a number of options and answered all my questions. Luca did a fantastic job of building up the frame and the bike has exceeded my expectations. Bike shops like Cloud 9 offer a level of service which Online only companies just cannot offer, look beyond the lowest prices.

 Adam and the team gave incredible customer service throughout, proactive about communicating delays due to the pandemic and even loaned me one of their hire cycles until my bike was complete. To be providing top class service despite lockdowns, the pandemic, customs delays and uncommunicative suppliers, really demonstrates what a great team they are.

I have been a customer since the shop opened and they continue to demonstrate why you shouldn't go anywhere else. From custom building my perfect bike to on-the-go repairs and helping with the inevitable insurance claims needed as a cyclist in London. Bikes are an investment and paying great people to work on them will always pay off.


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