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Custom builds provide a catered, individual experience that ensures you are getting a bike that you adore, and that is perfect for the job at hand. Embarking on a custom build journey with us gets you everything that you want, and nothing that you don't, working with our mechanics to create your ideal bespoke ride. 

This is where dream bikes are made.

The recommended first step to a perfect custom build is a professional bike fit with our resident bike fitter, Wei, of Foundation Fit. Every rider is unique, from their body metrics, their individual history to their personal goals and aspirations. A unique bike setup is therefore required for every rider. Find out more about our in-house bike fitting service here.

We effectively communicate with you to understand what you are using your bike for, what you might use it for in the future, and ultimately what you need from your bike in order for it to be ideal. This process can be initialed through an email to info@cloud9cycles.com outlining your needs, wants, budget, and aesthetic vision.

With all these things in mind, whether the bike is for commuting, camping, racing, off-roading, climbing, or for taking you halfway around the world, you can be sure that you are getting a unique, bespoke, bicycle that you can rely on wherever you end up taking it. See examples of our past custom builds here

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