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Why get a custom bike?

Why get it through Cloud 9?


In short; Bikes are not 'one size fits all' and bespoke builds are at the core of our business, it's what we do. 

We are a small, well appointed shop, with over ten years experience in the design and creation of entirely bespoke bicycles. 


We don't subscribe to trends, exclusive disciplines or only one type of customer. Our focus is on quality components and thoughtful design, delivering what you need, rather than simply what is 'standard'.

A bicycle is very much a personal item, both from a physiological perspective and a functional one. People often tolerate an inadequate set-up because they haven't had the opportunity to explore alternatives. We are here to work with you through the process, whether your aim is to enjoy laps in the park, climb mountains or finally press 'go' on that multi-day trip you've been planning.

The core team here at Cloud 9 is made up of racers and recreational riders alike, men and women in this business for the love of cycling and getting people on bikes designed with them at the very centre. 

If you are considering a custom build, please fill out the enquiry form below (desktop only), or if you simply want some more information, give us a call or drop us an email.