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Doing Better

Better, if not best...

Gone are the days where it was enough for a bike shop to be that alone. We all

have a responsibility to our communities, future generations and the planet as a whole

to provide something more meaningful than products and servicing alone.


On this page we share our efforts toward the 'bettering' of our own practices. We may be small, but we aren't without duty, and although enthusiastic we certainly aren't without fault. Let's not sugar coat it, we have hardly even dipped our toe. That said, we hope this list provides a useful insight into our current practices and areas we need to improve on. If you have any feedback, we would greatly appreciate you getting in touch. 


We recycle all of our tyres with Velorim at no additional cost to the user.


We recycle all of our inner-tubes (minus those that get strapped to cargo bikes) with Schwalbe at no additional cost to the user.


We donate all working-order used parts to London Bike Kitchen for re-use and/or training


We are members of 'Ecologi', designed to off-set our carbon footprint by funding climate projects. We joined in June 2021.


We support the London-based 'No Limits' cycling club, so far offering women's specific bike maintenance evenings.


Our assessments are free of charge and have been since 2020. We hope this encourages folks to get their bikes checked without concern around up-front costs.

Better yet...

In addition to these points, we are also working toward the following;


  • 1% for the Planet - At present, we aren't sure we could make the numbers work, but we will continue to review, aiming for late 2023 (if we don't find ourselves on an entirely different planet at that point).

  • Regular Maintenance Evenings - Our time with No Limits has provided a great learning opportunity for us as hosts and facilitators. We hope to extend this to others soon, check out the events page for sign up. 

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