Hovding Helmet Main Image
Available to order £240.00


Hövding is the world’s first airbag for urban cyclists. Through the advanced sensors and unique algorithm Hövding detects the cyclist’s movement patterns and reacts and inflates in 0,1 second in case of an accident. The specialized airbag inflates to cover your head and fixates the neck to provide you with the best protection on the market, up to 8 times better than a traditional helmet.


  • 8X times safer than a traditional bike helmet
  • Weight: 650 grams
  • Battery life: approx. 9 hours of active cycling
  • Simple charging with the supplied USB cable
  • Can be worn in rainy weather (rain?)
  • Clear audio and light signals indicating that the Hövding is activated

Hövding offers the world´s best shock absorption capacity and consists of two parts, a collar and a cover. 

The collar encloses the airbag system that protects the head and is made of black, waterproof, dirt-repellent functional fabric that rests comfortably around your neck. It is easy to put on, with a centre front zip. 

There is a hook on the inside of the collar that allows you to hang up your Hövding. 

The collar is supplied with a black basic cover which is made of durable functional fabric that protects your Hövding against dirt and wear. The cover is attached to the collar by simply zipping it around.

You can easily change the appearance of your Hövding, by purchasing an extra cover for it. All our covers have different appearances and functionalities. Cover produced för Hövding 1.0 cannot be used with Hövding 2.0.

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