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11 year old King Hub: Life Left?

Spoiler Alert: Even @chriskingbuzz isn't infallible (and doesn't claim to be so).

As with all manufacturers who build the ability to inspect and service into their designs, it's important to keep on top of this maintenance to ensure the maximum longevity of parts. This may read like an inconvenience, but think of this as the Right to Repair, where many other products offer the perpetual 'right' to replace.

That said, sometimes it does go wrong. Sometimes parts are neglected, elements can fail and folks can forget to get them checked. When this happens, King again offers a tidy solution by providing a huge catalog of replacement parts. From seals to snap-rings, ball bearings to drive-shells. This keeps the circle small, added costs low, and ultimately, the product functioning better for longer.

Apparently this Chris King ISO rear hub is coming on 11 years old, and came to C9 recently after experiencing engagement issues. After disassembling, it became apparent that the aluminium drive-shell was worn beyond its usable limit (see images).

In the end it was just a case of replacing the drive-shell body, servicing all other elements, re-fitting, testing and assembling once again. From a mechanic's perspective, it's nothing less than a joy to be able to rely on consistent and logical design, truly serviceable elements and a comprehensive parts catalogue (@saddleback_ltd) should replacements be required.

These components do require a little more thoughtfulness when it comes to servicing schedules and awareness of potential issues, but we believe this comes with anything you value and any company which strives to produce components to last a lifetime.

*This isn't an ad, we don't get anything for our endorsement. Just an appreciation/information post about a company making quality kit.

Did we mention they are also a @bcorporation company? Probably.

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