Dan Milner: Passport to Pain

On November 19th we hosted a virtual event titled The Bike: Ticket to Adventure... or Passport to Pain? A talk by professional adventure photographer Dan Milner.

This event, like many, was meant to happen months ago. It was meant to be a warm gathering here in London with friendly faces, beer at the ready, and Dan travelling to join us. Even though this was impossible to recreate virtually, we had over 100 people tune in for the talk, and you can find the recording below.

Few people have ridden and carried their bikes through as many of the world’s wildest places as Dan Milner. And with that kind of mileage, and a camera, inevitably, he has stories.

Dan has 20+ years of this kind of work under his belt, riding and photographing pioneering mountain bike trips in Afghanistan, North Korea, Patagonia, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq and Ethiopia.

In this talk, Dan highlights how the humble bike has proven to be the perfect tool for adventure —cutting through barriers of language, culture and politics to open up authentic experiences with inhabitants of some of the World’s most remote places.

Adventure, he says, is all about the learning experience… as long as you survive them.

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