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No servicing packages?!

Servicing at Cloud 9, how does it work? Slightly differently (and better we hope) to the conventional method… read on!

🗓 You drop the bike in with us for an assessment. We never charge for this.

🔎 The bike is assessed in full, and then (where required) we prepare a quote detailing the recommended works.

🔧 Once confirmed, the work is completed either the same day, or at a later stage if specialist parts need to be ordered in.

We hope that this system encourages folks to get their bikes checked without fear of unexpected costs, and with no pressure, financial or otherwise to complete the works. It also means we are able to inspect every bike in full without worrying if they have/have not paid for the ‘package’ that allow us to check an element.

Sometimes bikes need a lot of work, sometimes just a tweak, but with this system, you'll only ever pay for the work required. We may not be the fastest, but we hope we are the fairest and pride ourselves on devoting the same level of attention to a full-build as to a flat.

💌 Drop us an email if you have any queries or to book an appointment.

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