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We got ourselves a new website...

Updated: Jun 28

That makes it sound a little like we happened upon it but, that's not the case. As a small team, we all do a bit of everything, so it's been an after-hours side project. Hopefully that's only clear after reading this rather than because it looks like an after-hours side project!

The home office has been perfected during this time, because of course, a bike shop is a never ending curiosity/distraction. We hope you like the new look, but would also be grateful for any feedback, let us know if you get a 404...

It'll be a steady start on the blog front, so bear with us. We will be sharing more on here going forward. Videos from the forever conceptual 'Tell Me More' series, build videos, event write-ups and anything else we think might be of interest. If you have read this far, your intrepid determination is much appreciated, and we will do our best to reward it. Go steady folks!

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