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Omnium Cargo Staff Build

Updated: Feb 26

“I'm not an N+1 type, for me a bike has to fulfil a function. Having the right tool for the job/environment is to me as lightness is to the weight-weenie, so you can imagine how rousing an @omniumcargo is...

That said, I never planned to own one, figuring they were exclusively for the professional courier, but after borrowing @arkane_wheelworks own cargo bike (which also happened to be for sale), the deal was done.

The only snag was that I ideally needed a medium rather than the large frame I had. So after a year of enjoying the my new-found cargo life, there was nothing else to do but make the leap to titanium (for the med frame of course) 🤷🏻‍♀️ and here is the final build…

The build spec: Everything continues along the theme of function (with some aesthetic leanings, I'll give you that). Shimano because I prefer the shifting actuation to SRAM, which can only be engaged from one direction, and 11 speed because it's more than enough in this context.

We often see living examples of the 100+ years of R&D in those painfully under appreciated, Shimano-fitted 'shed bikes' that are still chugging along, despite what appears to be more than 100 years of neglect. That's the kind of reliability you want in any bike, but certainly in your cargo-come-commuter.

It was always going to be @hopetech for the brakes, having had great results after fitting my XC bike with 2 piston Tech 4s. You'll often hear folks suggesting that a product is the *insert superlative here*, and I'm the kind of person who tends to be suspicious of such claims. That said, these are the only brakes I'll run from here on out, and I think it's also worth noting that Hope aren't known for their grand assertions.

Joey of @strongheartwheelworks takes credit for the wheel build, with a @sonnabendynamo front and the ever reliable @hopetech Pro4 at the rear. The pictures don't truly convey their mighty volume, suuuper plush, you don't feel a thing.

@ingridcomponents takes centre stage with their distinctive cranks, breaking up the impressive, but at times stark canvas that is unpainted titanium. You've got to hand it to them as a small company, throwing their weight into producing products that provide an alternative to the big two. I also run their rear mech and cranks on my XC bike. Keep an eye on them in you haven't got it there already...

The smaller details:

  • Saddle @ergonbike, as chosen by my bum with help front Foundation Bike Fit

  • @sinewavecycles dynamo light because the USB charging function is ace. Thanks to @thewoodscyclery for having the last Beacon on earth it seems (Sinewave are working on their V2 with pre-orders open now)

  • @sqlab inner bar ends. Another extra I just wanted to try after Luca (C9 mechanic no2) suggested them when using the bike on a multi-day trip. I made use of them so regularly I couldn't bring myself to take them off

  • @superstarmtb seat clamp. They're an elegant shape, very reasonably priced, plus they are made just down the road from my home town in Lincoln, UK

  • @bikethomson stem because I need a strange length/degree combo that not many folks offer, paired to great effect with @salsacyclesuk 'Bend' bar for a comfortable sweep back.

  • @chriskingbuzz for a headset that will remain smooth and steady for longer than humans are likely to inhabit this poor planet.

So there she is. The commuter, mobile mechanic station, touring bike, freecycle collection vehicle, picnic carrier, roadie chaser, market-day loader and 1x pal taxi..

The bike I never knew I needed until I had it."

- Alex, Shop Lead and Mechanic

Omnium Cargo V3, Titanium, Custom Spec, Size Med - Cloud 9 Cycles

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