The 12 Days of Bikemas

This year, Cloud 9 and Stayer Cycles have teamed up to deliver The 12 Days of Bikemas: 12 fun bike-related challenges to keep your spirits up as winter descends on us this holiday season.


  • This challenge will exist entirely on Instagram Stories.

  • Be sure to add these stories to your 'Highlights' on Instagram so that they don't disappear over the 12 days.

  • Tag @cloud9cycles and @stayercycles

  • Use the #12daysofbikemas hashtag

  • Take a photo or record a video documenting your unique completion of each of the 12 tasks over the 12 days (in no particular order) between the 3rd and 14th of December.

  • All challenges are up for creative interpretation.

  • All participants will be entered in to a draw to win awesome prizes such as a bike fit from Cloud 9 Cycles, Stayer swag, hot items from Wizard Works, a subscription to Komoot Premium, and more!

  • On the 15th of December at 7:30PM we will present to you a virtual and entertaining Bikemas Special on Instagram Live, announcing the winners and highlighting our favourite contributions, so save the date!


On the --th day of Bikemas, my true love gave to me...

12 Off-Road Miles

Complete 12 off-road miles and document with a photo, video, or image of your route. Proof isn't important here, we trust you. This could be as simple as a mid-ride selfie. The important part is getting out on your bike!

11 Pounds Donation

Make an 11 pounds donation (or pay what you can, or as much as you'd like) to your favourite charity. Let us know which one you picked in your story.

10 Seconds Sprinting

Self explanatory. Capture in photo or video, by yourself or ask a friend to help.

9 Pieces of Trash

Pick up 9 (or more!) pieces of litter while on a bike ride. Help keep your favourite spots trash-free.

8 Bike Ride Creatures

This one is up for interpretation, but was meant to get you documenting 8 instances of wildlife you come across while riding.

7 Festive Displays

Snap 7 pics or vids of any great festive display sightings you come across while riding. The more outrageous, the better.

6 Coffees Outside

We love #coffeeoutside but this could also mean any hot drinks! Self-prepared or cafe stops both count.

5 Bunny Hops

Self-explanatory. It's okay if you can't do them, let's see an honest effort or a creative alternative!

4 Lit-up Trees

4 different X-mas trees documented while riding.

3 Night Lights

This one was meant to get you on a night ride but is also open to interpretation. It could be an image of rear lights in the dark, 3 pics from a night ride, 3 stars, etc.

2 Dream Route Plans

Komoot supports this one! Use the code: 12DAYSBIKEMAS if you are new to Komoot to redeem against a region of your choice. This code expires on the 7th of December though so get planning now! Share your dream route plans with us, whether they are feasible right now or not.


1 Big Fat and Long and Massive Skiiiiiiiiiiid

Again, let's see your best shot!

Good luck and don't forget to join us for the Bikemas Special on Instagram Live on the 15th of December at 7:30pm!

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