Meet The Team



Owner + Top Good-Egg


Since establishing the shop in 2009, Adam has ensured its smooth running, allowing the rest of the team to focus on the bikes.

Likes: Riser bar road bikes and organic Ketchup (not always together).



Media + Events Master


Taylor is the link between the workshop and the world. If you have attended an event or been inspired by an initiative associated with Cloud 9, it's Taylor's hard work that makes it happen.

Likes: Ice fishing, racing fixed gear

and all things off-road.



Workshop Manager + Mechanic


Dream bike designer and builder. When not in the workshop, Luca can be found zipping around on his Yeti Dirt Jump Bike or his Yeti SB130. There is indeed a theme here...

Likes: Small batch components and industrial quantities of pasta.





Alex learnt almost all she knows the hard way, and everything else under the guidance of Luca. Best bar-tape wrapper at C9*. (*Controversial)

Likes: Poor traction and Granny Smith Apples.