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Custom, Re-Builds + Servicing

Wheels-are-wheels for the most part, simple but essential. Rim, nipples and spokes with the hub at its heart. That said, there are a great many fascinating details crammed in there that can be easily overlooked when purchasing a new bike or upgrading wheels.


Hub-sound (or lack of) though most often talked about, is just one of many interesting points to be found when you dig into the details surrounding wheels and wheel choices. Engagement type, freehub-body specification, spacing, rim depth, width and material are just some of the factors to consider. 


We are proud to call on the expertise of Arkane Wheelworks, our primary builder of custom wheels.

With the Arkane logo on countless custom builds dreamt up through Cloud 9. We also offer

re-builds and hub servicing across a variety of brands and systems. 

Get in touch to discuss custom wheel building, wheel repair, or servicing.

(We are one of just a few shops experienced and equipped to service Chris King products)

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